Turda. Super cool salt mines and underground amusement park!

Turda is a very small village just half an hour drive from Cluj. FYI, if you refuse to drive like me, they have buses!

Turda lies in the middle of nothings but it’s famous for the amazing salt mines. Not your usual, boring caves, but a 15KM underground salt mine turned into an amusement park, with a futuristic touch in the form of light sabers used to light up the place.

It very crowded in the Summer, since it is deep underground enough to be not just chilly but quite cold. You can go on a ferris wheel (OMG an underground ferris wheel!!! Screw the London Eye!), play ping pong, book a tennis court, play in the sandbox with kids. It’s so surreal! And the best part? The lake! You can rent a boat and experience something like Harry Potter horcrux-hunting boat trip in the black lake (Harry Potter fans, you know what I mean ihih!).

Go to Turda. It’s AWESOME!