Cluj Botanical Gardens: the best after a long day of sightseeing!

Cluj Botanical Gardens were a very pleasant surprise after we spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon walking around the city. Btw, so many big fat crows!

Although it was Spring, there weren’t many flowers in full bloom. However the gardens were lovely, peaceful, and offered a nice break from the quite caotic noises of the city. We enjoyed the Japanese gardens the most, with the typical small red bridges, ponds and torii.

After the Japanese gardens we were craving sushi. Really craving. Walking around the area, we discovered what was probably the most unimpressive “oh-I-didn’t-even-notice-it-was-there” Japanese restaurant I have ever seen. And, I assure you, I’ve been to many sushi shops (right now they are big in Italy). Seriously, there are more sushi places than book shops and Chinese cafés.

Anyway, this place turned out to be awesome, fantastic, great, beyond my ability to describe it with words. Inside it was so elegant, fancy, minimal, white, sparkly. The waitresses were all dressed with traditional Japanese kimonos and the make-up was beautiful. Like being inside “Memoirs of a Geisha“!!! The sushi was delicious and not particularly expensive (for Italian standards), you should go. Go. Even if you’re not into Japanese cuisine. Go. You’ll change your mind. Approved by picky Italians. 🙂

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, Cluj.