Budapest is an awesome city: lively, beautiful and very exciting!

For a weekend in Budapest these are our recommendations:

20042014956– Visit of the old city of Buda. It is a very nice walk on the hills, from which you’ll get an astounding view of the Parliament and of the majestic river Danube (especially at night).

-The Fisherman’s Bastion is an absolute must-see! Instead of taking the bus or the cableway, it’s better to walk. From the Metro stop of Batthyány tér (M2) just follow the directions which will take you up the hills and will let you discover the towers and arches one step at a time through the park. It’s even more magical and charming at night: every stone is so sparkling, as if it was made of gold! (soooo awesoooome! Better than the Disney castle!).

Heroes’ Square: it’s one of the symbols of the city.

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Every statue represents one of the chiefs of the ancient tribes that first settled in the territory of modern Hungary.
Right behind the square there’s Vajdahunyad Castle, surrounded by a small lake and totally immersed in the beautiful city park. Better go there in spring, though, since in winter they simply pull down some lever and poof! The lake is empty!

-Midday stop: If you’re enjoying Heroes’ Square and its surroundings, we recommend a very nice place to have lunch. Paprika Restaurant is barely a five-minute walk from the square and it serves delicious typical Hungarian cuisine! Still drooling if I think about it! 😛

-Walk along the Danube with its famous bridges: Liberty Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge and in particular the Chain Bridge, which is a spectacular sight. As a matter of fact, all three bridges were severely damaged during the bombings of the WWII, so they had to rebuild them afterwards…

Cruise on the Danube by night. More awesomeness! More details in the next post!

parlam notte carol

 – The WAMP! Kaleidoscopic event organised by local designers and artists ….check out their website! We got the right day by chance, and it was not bad! It might have been better if we were not comparing the stands with all the other Christmasy stalls around the city.

-Of course, the thermal baths!!!! There are so many that there’s one for everybody (not literally).

So….go to Budapest (preferably in warm seasons)! It’s incredible (all year round)!