Let’s start with something creepy … French Willy Wonka!

Like Proust did with his madelaine, I’m writing this post with the help of a bar of chocolate, so that I can better remember the wonderful time I had exploring the most famous Chocolate Factory in Vienna!


The Schokomuseum is a treat you do not want to miss if you’re really into chocolate (as we are!)

The museum is situated on the ground floor of the factory proper, which is the headquarter of renowned Austrian chocolate brand Heindl, which produces the worldwide famous Sisi Talers and Mozart Balls (but not just that!).

We took advantage of the guided tour in English (available only twice a week, so plan ahead!) to explore not only the museum, which is dedicated to the noble history of chocolate but also the chocolate processing area. The most delicious thing to know about the tour (and one of the reasons why we got there in the first place) is that every single explanation comes with platters of chocolate bonbons, chocolate bananas, chocolate wafers and hazelnut brittles which make the didactic moment immediately more appealing! The best part of our tour is when we got to sing along with the Oompa Loompas! Ahahah… just kidding…silly us! The best moment was when we were given THE spoon, a magical ceremony that marked the beginning of the seize of the Chocolate Fountains, which were towering over the last room where a cacao plantation was recreated. There were three of them, and each one with a different kind of chocolate (milk, white and dark) and all of them made our mouth water.

So, if you are in Vienna and you don’t care about gaining some weight (how could you, while in the land of Sacher?) the Chocolate Museum is really worth a visit!