My favourite place in probably the whole city of Pécs is the Zsolnay Quarter. Indeed, it is one of the most colourful, cheerful and kindly relaxing place (with human beings around) in which I have ever been.

The Zsolnay Quarter used to be the “headquarter” of the factory (19th century) that produced some of the finest porcelains in the world, namely the Zsolnay ceramics, and that the City of Pécs decided to convert into the incredibly cool cultural area it is today. The high-class brochure I got from the info-point, decorated with the omnipresent logo of the shimmering cow, presents this area as “Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, the miracle of Pécs.” I’m not quite sure if it’s a miracle but surely this place seems to be coming out of a pop-up book about fairies!

Apparently, it is one of the biggest cultural complexes in Central and Eastern Europe. It has been restored quite recently, in 2010, most probably in occasion of the nomination of Pécs as European Capital of Culture, and now it hosts the Bobita puppet theatre, several art galleries, the planetarium, exhibition halls, cafés, restaurants, playgrounds and the Faculty of Music, Art and Design. All the buildings are extremely colourful, with the typical roofs in ceramic tiles, and they are immersed in lovely gardens, among flowers and super-decorated fountains.

The best thing of this fairy tale-like place? It’s only a 10 min walk from the city centre!