And here we are with the long-awaited first post on Pécs. Joke of the title aside (it copies the touristic slogan for Budapest everywhere adverstised as the pearl of the Danube), Pécs really is a beautiful city. It is the fifth largest city of Hungary, set in the “deep south,” a melting-pot of cultures and religions (Christian, Jewish and Islamic) and, more recently, best known for winning the title of 2010 European capital of Culture.

pécs (1)

To summarise it in few lines, here they are famous for wine (the Mediterranean climate indeed helps a lot!), beer, the spectacular Zsolnay porcelain (remember last post with Hugh Jackman in Budapest? Yes, it’s true, they love pottery!) and pride themselves in having the oldest and one of the most prestigious universities in Hungary. Stay “tuned” for more posts coming up on specific aspects on this wonderful city (especially food!).

In the meantime, to stay on the topic of video like in the previous post, here’s a couple of documentaries on Pécs, officially approved and distributed (?) for all kind of audiences by the PTE (University of Pécs). Actually, they are good! 😀


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