Here we are in Pécs!

The New Year has come, and now we are back in Hungary from our winter holdays! The comeback has been quite “chilly”, since we found out that the whole city of Pécs has been covered by a thick, white and velvety veil of snow!

As we’re expert travellers and we always remember to pack what’s vital, yesterday we were at the shopping centre trying to find an adapter for my laptop and see what we found: unicorns heads for sale! Actually, there were also sharks and mammoths’ trophy heads but unicorns are way cooler!

I’m not really sure why someone would want one to hang on his wall but still, it’s an interesting discovery. Anyway, it can’t compete with the weird toys they have in China, but for now, definitely in my top 3!

And now, let’s end this extremely useful, wisdom-exuding post with a real treat…