A post about Pécs is indeed long overdue. We started with Budapest, Vienna, even the Mecsek mountains/hills, but what about the city we’re living in this year? So we promise you’ll have it, a series of posts entirely dedicated to Pécs!

But before getting to the real deal that it the wonderful city of Pécs, I would like to introduce you to Hungary through an interesting selection of tourism commercials promoted by the government. As a matter of fact, they are…let’s say, peculiar! I was researching Romania, for our upcoming trip to Transylvania, and I came across this article, from which I’ll quote the part related to Hungary:

Just about every East European country has a travel ministry that is naively willing to pay for positive advertising – Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland are really no different than Romania in this. In East Europe, sadly, all media and journalism is seen as up for sale […]. All of the post communist former Ost-Bloc countries have huge inferiority complexes which are addressed by vast ego-building overcompensation, usually in the form of Culture Ministry tourist campaigns extolling the amazing qualities that the given country can offer. Dracula! Peasants! More Dracula! (Hungary has tried just about everything. We are all waiting to see if they will try sellling Hungary as a ski and surf paradise next.)

This guy, or whoever s/he is who writes, has a point (I will re-post in English some of the articles I wrote about the incredible Nationalistic and patriotic feelings of the Hungarians). They already have decided to call the hills “mountains,” they might as well be planning to declare the Balaton Lake the new and most fashionable SEA resort of 2014! 😛

I don’t mean to be offensive towards Hungary, especially because I love living here. I just think that, to any foreigner, these ads could be a very funny and interesting introduction to this beautiful country! Probably if the Italian ministry for tourism had the same sense of humour, he would have prepared a couple of posters of Pompei with some inviting slogans such as “you, tourist, come and visit Pompei before it disappears for good!” (some context for those who are not Italian: when it comes to education, culture, arts, restoration works etc… the Italian government is always penniless!). But back to Hungary!

1) With a cheesy background song that goes “I believe you’re all I need to see” and “you’re my dream, my fantasy,” we have the inventors of the Rubik’s cube: Think Hungary. More than Expected


2) Gotohungary: Size isn’t everything!   😀



3) Study in Hungary!  A wonderful video made for the Hungarian National Tourist Office in New York, to promote studying in Hungary showing from the very first images young people dancing in clubs and hugging inside the thermal baths 😀 Their interpretation of what “intercultural skills and competence” might be 🙂 [see the video’s description! And, btw, I love studying in Hungary!]



4) Hungarian Tourism Zrt. Spend your vacation in Hungary!  The best pop-up book ever!!! [And my favourite ad]



5) Hungary: A Love for Life, where Tinkerbell-meets-Nyan Cat shows you the best of Hungary



And let us end with something that is NOT sponsored by the government but that I find hilarious (Hugh Jackman in Budapest). And makes me wonder, why the Hungarians get Wolverine to advertise the tea and we don’t?



Next time from Hungary to Pécs 🙂