To celebrate our first time in Budapest, and to pay homage to the Emperor of all European rivers, we decided to spend our last evening in the Hungarian capital by going on a cruise on the Danube. We sailed with Legenda and had a great time!
I need to mention some fun-facts about our evening on the cruise (I really have to. My evil and judgmental nature compels me to do so!):

1) On the cruise you could order any one drink for free. There was a woman sat next to me who remarked quite aloud: “I love champagne! I can ONLY drink champagne!” (ohohoh i’m so sophisticated! Ok, I added this last one). As we are common people we got beer…
2) The audio-guide was available in several languages, and in all of them was very, very, very patriotic! Not only it gave information about what we were seeing on the river banks but it provided us with a long list of notable historical achievements of the Hungarian people. Unfortunately, and I’m really ashamed about this, I can only remember Laszlo Biro, since I’m a huge purchaser of biros (and was also mentioned in my User’s guide to Hungary).
3) When we were passing the Citadel, the related anecdote was hilarious: St. Gerard was trying to spread the Lord’s word and the people of Budapest rewarded him by sending him rolling down the hill (not sure if he made it out alive) in a barrel. Afterwards, however, they named the hill after him.


And now, prepare to be amazed! Sit back, relax and enjoy our creation! 1, 2, 3, roll!