Inside Transylvania – Turda

Turda. Super cool salt mines and underground amusement park!

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Inside Transylvania – Cluj Cemetery

Last day. It’s raining and it’s freaking cold. We didn’t have time to visit any of the Dracula tourists’ traps but we wanted to have a feel of what is sold as “scary” Transylvania. What else should you do when it’s raining and dark outside? Like any good horror movie teaches you, we went to see Cluj ancient cemetery. Makes sense, right? Continue reading “Inside Transylvania – Cluj Cemetery”

Inside Transylvania – Botanical Gardens and the Japanese experience (5)

Cluj Botanical Gardens: the best after a long day of sightseeing!

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Inside Transylvania – Open air, religious construction site (4)

Day 3. Enough with NGO Bitish ladies and sleeptalking sailors! We started our day at 2 am, such early birds! A group of loud Italians were shamelessly screaming the refrain of one of those horrible songs, with absolutely zero meaning in the lyrics, very popular in the ’80s. Continue reading “Inside Transylvania – Open air, religious construction site (4)”

Inside Transylvania – The university, the Soviet overcoats and the banning of wigs (3)

7 am. The usual heavy breakfast and a new meeting. The NGO too chatty English lady. Continue reading “Inside Transylvania – The university, the Soviet overcoats and the banning of wigs (3)”

Inside Transylvania – The War of the Statues (2)

The first day we woke up and had breakfast at the hostel, where at 8 am an enthusiastic cook filled our dishes with a heap of scrambled eggs, buttered bread and cheese, which we ate with an extremely bitter white yoghurt and, fortunately, a cup of good coffee. Later we finally got acquainted with our roommate, a Canadian sailor on vacation, who had kept me awake for several hours with long and anguished sleep-talking monologues in French. Continue reading “Inside Transylvania – The War of the Statues (2)”

Inside Transylvania – A trip to Cluj-Napoca (1)

This March we had the opportunity to “win” a few days of vacation in Cluj-Napoca, the former capital of Transylvania. Our Hungarian tutor, who oversees the internship we are doing at the University of Pécs, was invited there to give some lectures on Fitzgerald and Joyce, and in a moment of incredible kindness she offered to bring us along. Continue reading “Inside Transylvania – A trip to Cluj-Napoca (1)”

When everything is illuminated: Buda by night

The Buda side of Budapest, that is the “old city,” is my favourite especially at night, when a fairytail-like atmosphere completely surrounds this magnificent area. Continue reading “When everything is illuminated: Buda by night”

The Whale of the Danube

There’s a big, seriously huge, colossal whale on the banks of the Danube, on the Pest side of Budapest.

It’s made of sparkling glass and it’s really an odd addition to the old, regular landscape that characterises this part of the river. Especially at night, when all the glass structure is lightened up, it really stands out. Continue reading “The Whale of the Danube”

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